Saturday, August 30, 2014

Economies in Africa doing well-will this attract investment?

African Capital Market News relays that Nigeria has surpassed South Africa as the continents fastest growing economy. That report also links to a great website all about investing on African Exchanges complete with who to email, customer agreements, and brokerage fees called Investing in Africa. Investing in Africa also has an informative article about the Nairobi Stock Exchange IPO.

All of this exchange activity raises one question in my mind, once there is an increase in investment related disputes--broker/customer, broker/broker-- how will those disputes be resolved. More certainty in this area will create an environment that even more investors find comfortable for entry and exit.    

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Truth and the Human Spirit in Africa

Some very interesting articles online about Africa these days--surprisingly supportive.

The first is an article in on Truth Dig by Joe Conason about Ebola, minuscule US foreign aid (despite perceptions otherwise) and scientific research. It argues for more understanding by Americans of how little we give to the developing world and how a increased level of support for health care and research in the developing world is the right thing for everyone.  

The second is an inspirational article in the New York Times about nurses and workers in Sierra Leone who have stayed to fight and support the efforts to control the Ebola outbreak. The article is a testament to the human spirit and a people dedicated to the rebuilding of a nation despite so much hardship and turmoil. Please take the time to read it.


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Uzo Aduba

Last night was the African Leaders Summit gala at the White House.
According to USA Today, very few celebrities showed up.

Uzo Aduba was there!!! She is an amazing actress and most recently played Crazy Eyes in "Orange is the new Black"

Today the Summit wraps things up.
I found a place for you to buy your commemorative Summit T-Shirt!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

US Africa Business Forum

The US Africa Business Forum has a LIVE STREAM of what is going today. This is a collaboration between Bloomberg Philanthropies and the US Department of Commerce.

Out of fairness, I must add that they are headquartered in LA. (smiley face) I believe this is more for proximity to the beach but I cannot say for sure. Here is their facebook page.

Great charts and data sources on Africa

The Washington Post has some great charts and breakdowns of the African Leaders Summit in D.C. They discuss who was invited and not invited and the political identification of the countries--democratic, autocratic.

What I would love to see, but have not found yet, is a similar set of maps and charts that talks about GDP, Market Capitalization, what do the capital markets look like, does a commodities market exist, real economic data for each of the attendee nations. That data is certainly available through the IMF, World Bank and World Federation of Exchanges. I would like to see it also in the Washington Post or better yet the LA Times!! LA, I love you, but you spend so much time looking at your navel. You really do.

People in the states very much want to talk about Ebola right now. I do not think that is bad for Africa. In a perverse way this has focused Americans, once again, on how connected we are--only a plane ride away.  

The news reports and information regarding the Summit has actually been really good. I am finding new blogs and information sources. Rock on, Oooooobama! You go be a politician and create a legacy for yourself and the Democratic Party. Hopefully, there will be some collateral economic benefit for Africa from this political performance.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Camp Amalinda, Zimbabwe June 2014

Investing in Africa

Boring article but another cool graphic, this time by Bloomberg, on investment in Africa.

I was in Zambia and Zimbabwe in June. It was fun to take pictures of the construction projects we drove past. Lots of local workers and one to three Chinese guys. China is doing a whole bunch of building in Africa. The Hydro-electric plant at Lake Kariba was amazing. It is all good. I just am dubious about the longevity and motivation of the whole thing.

Unfortunately or fortunately, the US has a unique relationship to Africa. Even to be distinguished from the Brits.I have so much hope that the Oooooobama administration will see the potential for partnership!!

Frontier Markets 2014

Very cool graphic in the Wall Street Journal of World Frontier markets.


Saturday, August 2, 2014

African Leaders Summit Washington D.C

It is time to focus on Africa.
Time for both President Obama and myself.

Please read this great OP-ED article by Tony Elumelu in the Wall Street Journal, HERE posted on CP-Africa.

Unfortunately, the press about Ebola is very sensational. Many American will focus on that in the upcoming week rather than the Leaders Summit.  Nothing to be done about that other than to keep banging the drum.

As Tony Elumelu says  " Africa is ready for business and open for investment"