Saturday, December 1, 2012


I finally arrived in Cairo. I am staying where the conference is, at the Four Seasons....yes, very fortunate.
Gorgeous location and Cairo is such an amazing mix of architecture, I recognize things form other parts of Africa, then suddenly I feel as if I am in Paris. I anxiously await the sun so I can really take this city in.

Why am I so irritated when I fly with Europeans...and South Africans for that matter? Sorry, but that is the truth. I think it must be me. I believe there is actually a way to fly all squished together in a polite way.  African airlines, Kenya Air, Egypt Air, people are squished but polite-people help with luggage and let you go first. they say please and thank you.

On the other hand, the minute I am on a big international flight from Europe or the US for that matter...there is shoving and arguing, elbowing and rudeness. This is my observation. I dunno, maybe it was just Lufthansa.

In any case, it does look as if the reason I have come all this way has disappeared. The Agenda is now missing many of the speakers on Capital Markets regulation are not coming. That is ok since the World Federation of Exchange is here and I really want to hear that discussion.

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