Sunday, August 5, 2012

SADC Tribunal Summer 2012

The SADC Tribunal is still not in session. here is an excellent recap of the history and current status of the SADC Tribunal and its nullification by SADC.

Apparently, new efforts to control land are in the new draft Zimbabwe Constitution. Ben Freeth  is pursuing an appeal to the African Commission on Human and People's Rights. It registered  an application brought by Ben Freeth and another dispossessed Zimbabwean farmer, Luke Tembani, to be heard by the African Court on Human and People's Rights. They seek an order from the Court that will require the SADC Summit to reinstate the Tribunal.   

I think in life, just as in law, time is of no consequence. You hope to outlive your claim but you may not. The important thing is to persevere, whatever that means.

I respect the Campbell and Freeth dispute because they seem willing to die for what is right. Many peole the world over do this. Let's not diminish the effort of these men and women because they are white and living in Zimbabwe. That is intellectually dishonest. 

Instead,  honor their effort to work within the system, however flawed. We women have been doing that, universally, for years.

Shame on you for letting race cloud your insight.

These men and women are civil rights activists just like those in America in the 1960's. 
Honor their sacrifice just like the sacrifice of their black brothers in Zim who threw out the British.

Yes, let that bake your noodle for a bit.


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