Sunday, July 29, 2012


Joseph Stiglitz is promoting a new book called The Price of Inequality. Here is his interview in the Rolling Stone. He also recently had an interview in Vanity Fair as well.

He is trying to sell a book but what he has to sell is very compelling. My main interest is Education as the go to for government cuts. In California, they have no compunction for cutting Education.

I was in Hollywood recently and learned more about Proposition 38 which is trying to make some corrections to the mistakes from the past cuts in Education. This is the core of the US inequality problem: cutting funding to education. If our children are not our future who/what is??? And yet education is cut first and deep.

This is a good blog on poverty and inequality in the US. My personal observations are this: People continue to lose their houses and jobs here. It is really difficult to find a job and we all rejoice when someone does find one. And the costs of education continue to rise.

The biggest crime is that the cost of education goes up and there is no way students can pay so their parents pay for tuition even when they cannot afford it. And those kids NEED the degree to get a decent job. Everyone has moved back in with their parents.

How can the US run around the world and tell everyone else how to run their economy??
I do not know the answer to that.    

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