Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Africa Board closing


Maybe a little stale news that the Johannesburg Stock Exchange's (JSE)  Africa Board is closing. That Board was an attempt to consolidate and use economies of scale to increase profits for investors in Africa. by listing stocks on the JSE. Companies from all over Africa would have been able to take advantage of the benefits that such a well capitalized Exchange can provide....but it is closing.

That is interesting since interest in investment on the Continent is increasing. What else can explain this lack of interest by Companies to list on the JSE?  

I really don't know except to say that certainly US Companies are very particular about where they trade. Do companies from Philly trade in Cincinnati or Boston...when regional exchanges existed? I think regionalism is natural and nationalism is to. The JSE has a very interesting idea that might be profitable if there were a way around the fact that the JSE resides in SA. That seems a shame for profits and a victory for those little exchanges that just want to be and exist.    

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