Monday, October 11, 2010

Misc., conferences and foreclosure documentation crisis

My paper, the Politics of African Stock Exchanges was accepted for the UT-Austin Africa in World Politics conference in March 2011. This will be the first conference on Africa that I have attended in the states. Should be good.

Also, it is time again to moan about the Law and Society meeting in San Francisco, May 2011.
I am going and writing a paper on climate change and financial regualtion in East Africa.
Very, very interested in what I will find to write about......

The foreclosure documentation crisis is a biggie here on the Left Coast. Bank of America has stopped foreclosing in 50 states. The White House is encouraging banks to ge the matter resolved so that there is no further slow down to a housing recovery. That seems very problematic. First things first and all that. Let's sort the mess out and see if people can actually keep their homes and lets do it properly.

Please note links to blogs below which explain in more detail the documentation proble. The August 2009 decision by the Supreme Court of Kansas, mentioned in, gets at the heart of what is wrong with the documentation process.

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