Saturday, October 30, 2010

Battle of Ideas 2010--London

I was listening to a podcast of the BBC's Radio 4's Woman's Hour and I heard an interview with someone I knew. Maria Grasso. She helped run a post-graduate student's group in London while I was there. She edited an abstract for a paper I presented to the group. She went to Oxford and is much smarter than I. She is a clever girl, but not actually clever enough to be on Radio 4.

She is part of a larger group called the Institute of Ideas. They are a clever bunch. I learned quite a bit from spending time with some of their members. I learned about myself and about them. They are brilliant, moronic, narcissistic, self-promoters who actually get things really right every now and then.

Each year they put together a fabulous weekend of debate in London. It is amazing the support they get. This is because they think on the fringe, I believe. So they actually can be super progressive and super navel gazing all at the same time. It is fascinating and informative.
Here is the link below. Of course, there is video as well on YouTube and fora TV.

Enjoy you useful idiot you!

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