Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rosia Montana and Andrei Daescu

Life is very strange. This is Romania week.
This week I have a talented tennis player, Andrei Daescu, housed in my spare room which is chock full of boxes of PhD papers, research etc.

He is playing a local Pro-Futures tournament here in Irvine, CA. He has done well
so far and is adorable and polite. He is currently enrolled at Oklahoma University and playing for the University team as well. Studying and playing. A real example of
the excellence of Europe.

Also, in the news is Rosia Montana. Once the poster child of environmental disaster and redemption, now relevent. The mine is owned by Gabriel Resources who worked hard at achieving sustainable mining techniques safe for the environment. They became embroiled in legal and political wrangles in Romania. That is all behind them now as things move forward for the gold mine. The fundamental point is Romania is poor and needs jobs. A Gold mine will provide those jobs and the owner is willing to do it Green and the local people support the mine. The environmentalists in Europe and elsewhere worry about the effect of gold mining on the environment. It is all very controversial pitting greenies against Canadian capitalists (go figure) who seem to be trying to comply with the law.

Andrei's next match is in the morning and the 'progress' in Rosia Montana is fascinating and curious.

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