Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bitter Blog post

I really think that there is this tricky game you must play in law and academics and it is not pretty. I know I can write but playing THAT game, working at a University, is another thing all together. You cannot have a minority view. If you do, then you are marginalised. (This is not code for the healthcare bill. I have not been following that.) This is about teaching and university positions and publication.

I just mean to say, that you need to work hard to get your minority position 'outed' so to speak. That is a job all by itself.

I soon attend the Law and Society meeting, this time in Chicago--the town of my birth. Will I espouse my minority viewpoint.....hell yeah. Does it matter? Well, sort of. My analogy is District 9.

No one understood the movie...including me most probably....but it is out there. Unlike my journal article on East African Securities law which has hit all sorts of snags. I honestly believe what I say is not very popular in America. I am trying to inform my people but it is not received very well.

This bitter blog is to say, intellectual life in the fringe is isolated but not lonely.

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