Friday, December 4, 2009

Beautiful Abuja!!

Nigeria has been wonderful. Abuja has beautiful sunrises and sunsets. I hope to capture that on film tomorrow and post.

The ASEA meeting has gone well. There are about 300 attendees. The panels have been informative but because some speakers did not show there have been substitutions.

So far the best speaker was the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria. He was very plain spoken regarding the recent banking crisis in Nigeria and said that there are serious problems that he is addressing. I will write a fuller report when I get back.

The conference was not fully attended by all African Exchanges but a fair amount of CEOs showed up. Today there was an excellent discussion on technology in the aFrican Capital Markets. I want to consider how such developments compliment or overlap with the law. It seems to me that if technology is excellent, some legal infrastructure may be forgone without losing confidence in the integrity of what is being done...whatever it is...but in my mind market integrity.

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