Monday, December 7, 2009

Arik airlines saved my life!!

I had a hell of a time getting out of Abuja, because BA completely let me down. What is more important is that all the people at Arik airlines and those at the Abuja International airport saved my life. They rushed to help me and I am not exaggerating.

The man behind the counter, the money changers, the ticket man, security, the ladies at the gate. They took pity on me. I was FRANTIC when BA refused to let me on the flight because I was late, another story completely. BA wanted to put me on the flight to LAGOS!!! and then to London the next day. Unacceptable because I was due to meet my new supervisor.

Arik rushed me on to a plane that left 15 minutes after the BA flight. And BA was rule oriented for what??

The Nigerians in Abuja dispel everything I have ever heard about Nigeria. Across cultural, racial and religious lines they saved me from the Lagos airport and got me to London. I am eternally grateful and I will NEVER FLY BA EVER AGAIN!!

To be clear the Arik airplane was brand spanking new, clean and the staff was friendly, efficient and exceedingly polite.

I found Abuja to be the complete opposite of everything everyone has said.

Nigerians are the Americans of Africa-misunderstood, misjudged, a little naughty, self-deprecating in their humour and a good deal of fun to be around.

Pictures to follow as I am in London right now freezing. Back to So Cal tomorrow then I will load the pics of the National Mosque and the city gate of ABUJA!!!!

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