Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I love the woman. I would have voted for her. But she is an idiot. Why would you get mad at a student, from the Congo, who asks a question in French that gets translated maybe correctly, maybe not asking for more information. Where exactly does she think she is? That woman has spent too much time in Washington and not enough time around students, kids, or non-Americans. Can America ever have a good Secretary of State who is American?

Why is it that every time we see new of an American official in Africa, the Africans are getting schooled? I am not sure a student from the Congo really needs to understand the politics of a powerful marriage between two American politicians. Surely, she has the graciousness to understand the question or answer it without anger. I simply think she has not spent enough time around students or young people and has some anger issues.

I also think it is well enough to spend time in Africa to show that the continent is on the radar of American foreign policy but not everything is a gender issue. I think Hillary has a lot to offer in service to the United States but going to Vassar has not helped her see male /female relations in an equitable way. She is a product of her age and her husband’s success. Men are not the problem and neither is the African concept of family. Her umbrage and lack of humour show how poorly Americans function in the ‘real world’- that is the global world.

This was her gender issue through and through. The incident demonstrates both sides, the powerful, female Muzungu who cannot tolerate someone thinking she is second to her husband (who was elected and she was appointed…I’m just saying) and a male student from the DRC, for Pete’s sake, trying to ask a question. My experience is that East Africans are incredibly, over- polite. He meant to ask another question or asked that one innocently enough. It bothers me that she did not have enough presence to see that.

It is dark here in California. People are getting poorer and it is not getting better any time soon. I do not like seeing Hillary perform badly on the international stage. It makes me nervous. There are more and less important things to be worried about. Family is one of them. Would it have been so terrible to show the world that couples can be successful together and separately and still demonstrate love and admiration for one another? Lots of African families have survived much worse things than we face right now….maybe we should ask what does Bill think of all this?

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