Thursday, September 25, 2014

John Lennon was right about Women

Africa, word up, do not concern yourself with women issues. I guess they are not important at all.
The "scholars" of Constitutional Law here in the USA agree with that they are not. Or else they are simply dedicated to self-promotion and that would be a terrible waste of trees.

 A Dean of an American LAW SCHOOL does not consider gender important. Africa it is ok to continue with the status quo. Women truly are the  the N word of the WORLD.

This new book on how the Supreme Court of the US has failed the minority does not worry itself with a woman's right to terminate a pregnancy. Regardless of your religious view, you might have a view about whether a judge should tell a woman or a couple what they can do about a pregnancy. How about discussing a Father's rights? How about the rights of the unborn child?


How can an intellectually honest American lawyer not include this topic in a BOOK that discusses the wrongness of SCOTUS? It declared what women can do and started the mess.

Did the US Supreme Court get everything right including this but not other things??
Please, law professor, explain it to me.

Please let me know when the author is checking in for his pap smear.
Tackle the tough stuff too, or nothing, my friend.
The World is watching.

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