Friday, June 1, 2012

South Africa

I sit here in Stellenbosch, SA trying to tie up some loose ends on my dissertation: a writing retreat of sorts and the WiFi is free.

It is beautiful here and just turning winter. The leaves are falling from the numerous oak trees.

Talking about tying up loose ends I want to refer everyone to the IntLaw Grrls blog discussion on the SA Court judgment regarding Universal Jurisdiction. I did read (most) of the courts opinion but to be honest it was mostly the type of legal brick laying that is methodical, necessary but not hugely interesting.

Essentially, the court went to pains to show why it had the power to tell the Police to do their job and investigate Human rights violations. In no way am I diminishing the significance of he decision. It is the kind of rule of law stuff that makes society move forward. And this is complex and political stuff upon which other progressive and positive decisions will depend.

It is just that the law grrrls blog discussion is comprehensive and has a link to the judgment.


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