Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Success for Zim Farmers

Recently, the North Gauteng Court in Pretoria, South Africa, rejected the Zimbabwe Government's application to stop the attachment of it's assests in South Africa. Previously, a set of farmers from Zim had received a valid judgment in the courts of South Africa for the illegal taking of their land in Zimbabwe. The judgment entitled them to satisfaction through the sale of Zim assests, such as houses, in SA.

Now that judgment can be satisfied because of the recent ruling in SA. The Zimbabwe Government in a last ditch attempt tried to oppose the attachment of Zim assets in SA. I have not read the ruling only the news reports so I cannot state the legal basis for the court's rejection of the Zim application.

The legal basis should be that opposition was late and the SADC ruling that this all is based on was legally valid and cannot actually be opposed on any valid legal ground.

This is a tremendous legal victory. A poignant victory given the recent death of one of the farmer's Mike Campbell. As I have frequently said in the blog, all of this has nothing to do with political or racial matters but with the proper functioning of courts and laws. This is important.

We cannot head to the future together unless we all agree that there will be rules and they must be followed. Sure there is oppression and power imbalances. There are problems and there is exploitation. However, we need to start somewhere and then fight for equality. We NEED to stop complaining and BEGIN.

I am so proud of the lawyers who fought this battle. They had better not take a big fee either!! This social good is all the payment they need. Good on ya!

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