Monday, March 8, 2010

District 9 and the Oscars

I will have something more serious to write about shortly but I really need to discuss District 9 right now. LA and the Oscars are deeply, deeply flawed in a very fundamental way but movies are important in America and sometimes in the world at large as well.

I was very proud that District 9 achieved 4 nominations: Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Film Editing and Best Visual Effects. C'MON!!! How cool is that??

The camera panned across the audience and I saw Neill Blomkamp AND Sharlto Copley who played Wickus van de Merwe. They showed lots of clips from the film and it was glorious. I did think it unfair that it came up against Avatar in the visual effects was just not meant to be.

I hope those guys went to a ton of great parties and had a blast on the red carpet. They deserved it.

I have not yet seen The Hurt Locker which won best picture (or Avatar..yikes!!!).
Getting nominated is cool enough for District 9. (I saw it 3 times!!)

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