Monday, July 27, 2009


I head to Kampala, Uganda in a few weeks. Love flying in to Entebbe-so luxuriously green and yet ominous to this middle-aged, American traveler. I am presenting a paper at the Fourth Regional Conference for Higher Education Research on Sustainable Education in Africa. (HERPNET-KIU) My paper compares the actual definition of sustainable development as taught in Business law curriculum in the US and UK and asks what Africa can glean from that....
I stop in Michigan and London on the way there and back to check up on some mates and hopefully avoid swine flu!!

Meanwhile, I am focused now on this duty of care idea. I plan to post something shortly on whether there is a moral duty owed by the nations who created the recession that followed the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), to the countries suffering most from the recession i.e. many Sub-Saharan African nations. If a duty is owed, what does that mean? I think we can compare by analogy the duty owed to society by health care providers during global pandemics. Not a perfect analogy but a work in progress.

Here it is-can we pin a duty of care on those whom we depend upon to clean up the GFC similar to our dependance on global health care workers who help us attend to SARS and the H1N1 virus? Do the professionals who crafted TARP in the US and are planning new financial regulations in response to the GFC, as well as the now enlightened workers in the financial industry, owe a duty to the developing world, such that they must now consider how their actions impact it? Since the GFC created the recession can we ask those who are fixing things to a) admit that we are now all economically connected and b) due to the creation of this global economic society or community-we owe a duty to one another and c) that duty proscribes that we consider the developing world when we pass domestic legislation or create financial innovations that have potential for global economic impact.

How is this any different than the green agenda to make us all painfully (yet joyfully) aware that all we do on a daily basis is deplete earth's resources? Why cannot the same logic and political will be generated to protect the developing world from our economic excesses...?

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